even if you miss, you'll land among the stars

impossible - shontelle
Monday, June 7, 2010


Yours Truly; AI NA

第几个一百天 - 林俊杰

i slept for 15 hours ytd, woke up for 5 hours and
continue sleep for another 9 hours..
thats already 2 days :(
today i forced myself to wake up to go out with hubby..
i had a whole day of moodswing.
but thank god my hubby chuk is patience enough.
trip to ICA, RC, MSQ, SC (:
and and .. thanks chuk for the ms selfridge bag!
:D omgomg, i cannot believe it!
i thot it was a joke .
i love yaaaaaaaaa, chuk!
next , our watches ! :D

Yours Truly; AI NA

right now na na na - akon
Sunday, June 6, 2010

you wanna know how i feel?

i tell you, i felt like a piece of shit.
i hate this part here.
i dont need to know that someone feels im paranoid.
i dont want to know anything.
i hate this.
hate life

Yours Truly; AI NA

superstar - lupe fiasco
Saturday, June 5, 2010

my day starts off very depressing.
i dont what wonders chuk does, and i think
i made it thru pretty fine.

p.s: actual fact, im not fine at all not at the
very least. but how can i ever show it?
especially when its in front of him?

Yours Truly; AI NA

stereo love - edward maya ft. alicia
Friday, June 4, 2010

i think, i should have believed in the saying:
if you want something, you'll have to give up something.
i'm sitting here in front of the big screen at 4.56am.
i've finished reading my book 'hancork park'.
i've tossed and turned and still felt restless.
i contemplate for a long time before switching the com on.
am meeting chuk for breakfast later on about 11.
i guess, i'll just save him the trouble and pick him up,
if i really cannot fall asleep. at this rate, it's pretty unpredictable.
i just texted him to apologise, i dont know for what either.
i dont think he know.
but im feeling pathetic right now.
like really really.

Yours Truly; AI NA

dirty picture - taio ft kesha

i had a hard time accepting the fact.
i didnt expect, didnt thought of it until...
now this explains everything.
will chuk believe me?

i've got only less than a month. 27 nore days in exact
to hand in the proposal but i cannot concentrate.
i really wanted to.
i can think but i cant write.
will chuk believe me, will he thinks of it as my excuse?

Yours Truly; AI NA

billionaire - travis mccoy
Thursday, June 3, 2010

today, im one happy girl (:
met Chuk & gfs for lunch at mac.
then off to library with chuk!
guess... what i saw in the magazine of brides?
a picture of a pair of ring from love and co..
with engraved picture inside of the ring.
just checked out their website.
my goodness, the signature one & the thumbprint one
is helluva nice! but we've already got a pair of ring..
chuk said, we will go and take a look at them..
hmmfpts.. i dont mind wearing two rings(:
caus our present ring is already as nice as it is..
i really hope, chuk will approve of us getting one more pair.
(:(:(: he said the thumbprints ones are meaningful...
please chukkkkkk?

Yours Truly; AI NA

if i aint got you - alicia keys
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hey loverboy, i dont know if you'll ever see this.
tonight, is another night without you.
funny, how 20 odd hours without you felt like so long.
i want you so much, just like how much i wanted you
8 months ago.. and i cannot have enough of you.
last night, was just another day in paradise.
being able to sleep next to you, to hug you, kiss you,
feel you, talk to you, play with you.
all the heart to heart talks, on and on.
you said, i was different from all the other girls out there;
caus i had you. yes baby, i have you.
and we're one very loving couple(:
but tonight, i felt that emptiness when i walked along
the road myself.
getting fags dont feel the same anymore, not when its
without you. i started tearing.
i dont know why. but i need you more than ever.
i love you hubby, more than i ever did.
and thank you for all that you've done.
especially in the recent months, you've been great.
i just want you to know,i love you.
and im different from all the other girls who tells you
that you're handsome. caus you know i never said so..
and i know you must be very very glad, when i told you
that i wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.
it's the first after all these months. and i mean it.

Yours Truly; AI NA

never say never - justin bieber ft. jaden smith

he said, "we will rule the world as husband and wife".
pradoxically, i believe.
i dont know if its a dumb part of me or what.
but i've put everything in this, my faith my life my sould.
hubby, you know what i mean.

Yours Truly; AI NA

Miss ME .
the heiress of _______


a known workaholic to all
a gf/fiancee/bestfriend/wifey
to RASH darling
a sister to TWO
a mother of ONE

Dearest You & me.


you're the greatest thing that
had ever happened to me and
I thank God for everything.
It's us against the world,
just US, hunny.


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