even if you miss, you'll land among the stars

dead and gone - t.i feat timberlake
Friday, April 30, 2010

^^ i saw a lady wore a bottega venetta formal shoe.
more for a man. first thing that hits my mind, AWWWWWWESOME!~
together with matching bottega venetta hobo bag,
well.. its the very common hobo bag.
come on come on!


without love, i can survive,
without you, i'd rather die.

tsk, so typical hopeless romantic

Yours Truly; AI NA

take me back - taio cruz
Thursday, April 29, 2010

we've been spending too much time, that's
what chuk said so.
so we spent less than 6 hours together yesterday,
none of it today,
none of it tomorrow and neither the day after.
i guess, thats what normal average couple does..
i dont know bout it tho:(
chuk's moving out real soon.
so that mean we'll meet even lesser,
to deal with that i've found myself a 7 days week job,
where i dont have to work with colleagues
and i can pretend to be some mystery solver=.-
ya, i know.. dont laugh!
like cool liddat .
i hope so!
dont understand why you gotta add me on fb again,
to show me that many girlfriends you have?

Yours Truly; AI NA

hush hush - pussycat dolls
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars"
had a long heart to heart talk with my boy, just now.
my heart itch, i long to go back to where i was.
i left unfinished, i'd disappointed my previous boss.
i dont know if i can do this, i dont know if im up for it.
but i know i want to do this, and give my best.
it's different, totally different from the retail line.
i dont want to go to work, and have people expecting
you to do what you ought to do and a routine all over again.
when i started this, everyone had high hopes in me.
but i let them down.
look at me now, i've nothing. and if i dont get this,
im wasting my life away.

Yours Truly; AI NA

over you - gabrielle
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it'd been so long since we last slept together at night.
last night, few hours of sleep together felt like eternity.
i wish the night would go on...
but no, you're moving on instead

fuck, i cannot fucking find the original version of over you :(

Yours Truly; AI NA

eenie meenie- justin bieber
Friday, April 23, 2010

everytime i think of this, i think of you.
my heart exploded yesterday.
special someone was late for an hour.
sometimes i wonder, why it bothers me so much?
why i must be bothered wit him?
maybe if i act not to care, then i'll get used to it.
then i wouldn't feel hurt.
no matter how many times he say he wont be late,
i'll never expect him to be there anymore.
a simple date can be late, who trust someone
not to be late in the future for something more important
than a bloody date?
and dont use that examinations analogy on me.
th bottom line is, it hurts

Yours Truly; AI NA

took the night - chelley

^^ i miss zhu :(
he haven't called me for almost a month..
is it because i told him....?
omgomg. please forgive me zhu, please?


im exhausted, i wish i know what i want to do.
or at least what i'm doing now.

Yours Truly; AI NA

dangerously in love - beyonce
Thursday, April 22, 2010

what else is there to say?
i cannot bring myself to say a single word.
how much it hurts when i waited and
waited and you're not here.
and i waited and waited and you're not here.
its not th first, wont be the last.
maybe i should just bang the wall and die

Yours Truly; AI NA

superstar - jamelia
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i felt the sudden rush of affection for chuk just now..
we spend lesser time together, we dont text regularly.
:( sometimes i just wish chuk will know how much
i yearn his full attention, just to show how important i am.
he was late again, yesterday.
i cannot live going on hoping he wont be late the next day.
its tiring.
chuk oh chuk..

Yours Truly; AI NA

careless whisper - 2play
Monday, April 19, 2010

reminiscing the past, make me realise..
what i've got then and there.
for a long time, he was all that i have.
from packing my bag for work to doing my
groceries shopping to cleaning up the place to patting me
to sleep. all this simple things that i've failed to appreciate so
much. and now that i've got to do without all this,
and have it done myself. it feels so terrible.
some nights, when i just cannot go to sleep...
i've got to sit down and cry and realise.
now that it's over .
everything wont be the same anymore:(
no matter how much they say, we know
how big a difference it has made.
it is, for me.

Yours Truly; AI NA

number one - tinchy stryder ft n dubz

18th :
a day of love love love (L)
its been so so long since i last sleep with him.
then this once when he snored so loud,
i was tempted to take my phone and record it.
but he wakes up the moment it goes "BEEP".
then he says " i know what you're doing" :(
HA HA HA :D boo ya, baby!
well oh well, i said the next time he snores, im going to
record it (:
"you know when the skin brushes pass, you can feel that
tingling sensation.. thats what love's about"
(okay, sorry that part up there is nonsensical)
my first day of work @ warehouse (:
i loveeeeee it dey ,
okay 22months more.. just 22 months more.
yati mummy, hang on!
you can do it, 1 more month for you!
wooooo !
sometimes when i think of it, it hurts

Yours Truly; AI NA

sexy love- ne yo
Saturday, April 17, 2010

this is just something i've got to share.
i've got my eyes on one of the similiar IT bag of prada, baby!
omgomg, even chuk think it's nice!
tell me its nice, bitch (:

Yours Truly; AI NA

make it work - neyo

i thought the darker days were over.
or should i just say maybe it's not.. it's just begun?
yes, it hurts to know that your someone special
forgots the special occasion.
(maybe not forgot just that he thought it was the day after)
yes, it hurts when someone has to raise their voice at you
after a day of hard work and that you never did raise
your voice no matter how tired and exhausted you are.
yes, it hurts to see you dont have the initiative to get me
a drink when im out of breath.
yes, it hurts having to hold you back when you walk away
seeing me hurt.
but thru it all i love you.
it hurts even more when you think i should leave,
after all that i've done.
please just tell me, you 've appreciate all that i've done.
for us

Yours Truly; AI NA

cater 2 u - destiny child
Tuesday, April 13, 2010

umm, hi ladies and gentlemens(:
please accept my sincere apology for not updating
my baby boo for some time.
:( poor thing.
to those who've been dying to know what's up and what's not...
we shall begin with the normal ranting routine..
1. i'm so gonna bloody be broke
(my that dumb fuck brother just reminded me i owed him $3)
2. i worked for 13hours today.
3. they say we're not allowed to claim hours
4. teddy's up to his tricks again..
( G.G, im lost for words)
5.i've no off days for the week
6.i am going to miss the interview tomorrow :(
the good news is ....
hiphip hooray! hiphip hooray!
i sent in my resignation letter last friday lorrrrr.
i cannot wait ,
cannot wait!
sometimes the world is just THAT small.

Yours Truly; AI NA

taking back my love - enrique ft. ciara
Sunday, April 11, 2010


sometimes, things just get weirder.
how do i believe, in you?

Yours Truly; AI NA

your love is blind - ramzi ft. ash king
Thursday, April 8, 2010

life will never be a bed of roses

haven't i tried enough, haven't i gave enough?
or was it that i'd love too much, too much that you'd
learn to take me and my love for granted?
this time, if i want anything from you..
i need to ask. even if i want you to fetch me,
i'll also have to ask.
and you'd dare say our honeymoon period's not over?
it wasn't like that in the past.
i don't have to ask, you said that.
when we were living together, no matter how tough it was,
we were happy, aren't we?
now, after all this. i dare not look forward or set high hopes
on the plans we have. including simple fetch-me-from-work
plan.. i dare not. i wont be looking forward to anything that involve you.
if there's one thing that i'll expect from you is your countless of "sorry".
before you start saying yours, i wanna say mine.
im sorry, im not that girl who'll apologise to you no matter
how late you are. im sorry, my patience very limited..
i dont need a man who's changed 270degree even before we marry.
i dont deny, i change..
i became colder..
becaus you made me so.
because you dont wanna listen to me.
i took up this job becaus of you.
i would have given you my last ten bucks, when you asked.
everytime we quarrel or when im unhappy, i'll walk away.
not to hurt you, becaus if i were to stay, i'll hurt you more.
if i were to explode now and pour out all my emotions and feelings,
i dont think you can take it.
i hush, i tolerate.
im not like you, to throw everything you see when you're mad.
i'd try so hard not to take it out on you.
everytime no matter how tired my day was,
i'd smile when i see you.
just that one smile is enough to kill me inside.
i'd never prioritise my sleep when in comes to you.
but boy, happy happy joy joy..
you always sleep throughout my most critical period.
i'm trying so hard to be less dependant on you.
caus i know, i wanna show you that i can do without you, someday.
i wanna show you that just a smile cannot let you get away
with anything. i wanna see, how you're going to find another
girlfriend like me.. im not perfect, yes.
but i went out and down all for you.
i wanna see which girl will do that for you.
i'd always thank god, i had you.
i'd never regret.
i only know i love you, and i'd forgive you more than enough
times for the same mistake that you've made.
tell me if i haven't love you enough..

Yours Truly; AI NA

lose my breath - destiny child
Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i've approximately 9 months, to stay out of trouble, save real hard, and savour.
mummy says it'll come true if i start saving and stop getting
into trouble (: & that i suppose, will be the best birthday gift EVER.
im'a hafto slog it out. i will, uh duhhhhh.

Yours Truly; AI NA

never let you go - justin bieber
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

THIS, is me. that was, then.
how far will someone go to make someone else happy?
i don't know, myself.
maybe whatever i did or do or am doing may be minimal
compared to everyone else, but i put in every effort, i swear.
my precious', i always try to keep up with them..
facebook, calls and texts.
but for you.. who's reading this right now..
how far, will you go for me?
i'm tired, exhausted to be exact..
to try and keep up with everyone else.
the very last few things i need after a day of hard work is
for someone to raise their voice at me in the middle of the road
or to know that someone fantasize of being with me or to
find out that a gift was made as a rag or someone to cook
my favourite fishball soup and only left me 2 fishballs with tons of
vegetables or to have a hunch something bad's gonna happen.
im not going to cotinue ranting..
even my SUPPOSINGLY "bestfriend" gets sick and tired of it.
who will not?.

Yours Truly; AI NA

it's gonna be me - nsync
Monday, April 5, 2010

HELLO, baby boooooo (:
i miss you so much, did you miss me?
if only you've eyes to see my diary planner..
you'll know why i haven't been typing to youuuu :(
anyway, i've start work. yes, at paragon..
yes, long hours.. yes, 2 days off.. yes, low pay..
yup, i know i just started 4 days ago. but i dont care!
on another hand, my wish might come true..
oh please God, please let it be real...
pleaseeeeee? i'll work my ass off.. i promise!

if you know, if you must know.
im not happy.
not happy, at work..
not happy, at home.
but what do you know?
it hurts, so much.. deep inside.
cry till my head pain, cry till my heart ache

Yours Truly; AI NA

gone away - massari
Saturday, April 3, 2010

work, work, work..
politic, politics, political.

well, as a matter of fact..
i dont like it. dont like it.
so much, i wish to say.
i'd to start all over again.
furthermore, its my lowest paying job.
:( afterall, SHE only hired me becaus of my boutique exp.
BUT PAY ME THIS SHIT, when i was an assistant manager
based on my experience. HELLO?! i did more shit than her, i think..
no, its not going to last.
im not going to stay and suffer. wait and see.
if SOMEONE treats everyone at work, fair enough..
i would't had mind staying for 2 months or so.
but no.. i wonder how she becomes a manager like that.
no, this is not gossiping.. its clear that i dont like
the workplace and its disorganised system.
only if you know, how much we'd regretted taking up the job.
well, honestly the only catch was the effing 5 DAYS WORK WEEK.
but no, not worth it to stand for 11hours.
and get dirt shit pay.
all this people has got to wake up and see..
if you want people with experience, then pay more.
if not, then get lost .
caus if i can get offered a much more paid job, for a normal
retail shop, why cannot a "BOUTIQUE" pays the same?
enough, this is too political.
on another note, maybe someone just dont understand me at all.
sometimes, i wished he would have come.
i wished he would have seen what i've been thru.
i wish he knew.
mayb caus i didnt tell him that the past month when i was home,
i didnt bother to check up for jobs.. i was asleep most of the time,
and by th time i wakes up its close to evening and nobody will want to
do an interview at night. thats that. i got this job on th first day
that i search for it. if you know how much it hurts me,
then you'll understand.

Yours Truly; AI NA

Miss ME .
the heiress of _______


a known workaholic to all
a gf/fiancee/bestfriend/wifey
to RASH darling
a sister to TWO
a mother of ONE

Dearest You & me.


you're the greatest thing that
had ever happened to me and
I thank God for everything.
It's us against the world,
just US, hunny.


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