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Sunday, February 28, 2010

in my sleepless solitude tonight, i want to dedicate
this whole post solely to my soon-to-be fiance.
i haven't dedicate a decent post for him, in any of my
blogs ever since i've got to know him.
i don't know where to start, so if this sound so
wrong pardon me dear.

Dearest You(Mr. Rasheedi),

I never believed that we were ever fated to be together.

You and I, we have the same circle of friends for years, but

we were never introduced formally to each other. Even the first

time we met, we never were introduced. You just happened to add me

on facebook the day after, and I so-just-happened to tag your wall.

It all happened there, i made the move, gave you my number. You

texted but showed no sign of interest. I thought you were extraodinary.

Soon enough, we texted, we met again. We talked, We enjoy each

other's company, We had heart-to-heart talks, We went on dates.

We were everything, nobody would expect us to be. We became inseparable

ever since, never not meeting another for more than three days. WE fell,

fell in L-O-V-E. We knew it, We never had to say, to confess. We just knew.

It just happened, when everything was going fast, way too fast. The very first

official date, YOU my dear, were introduced to my parents. There, at there..

We were hand in hand, you saw my mum and told me. I never believed you.

Because you'd never met her before. Then she appear, you hold my hand even

tighter. I never told you this, but i was like "woah! this guy got guts".

Aftermath, we went to sembawang park. There and then, was everything.

Anything to die for, the view, the scenery, the ME PLUS YOU. We had

heart to heart talks for 3 hours, sitting on the rock near the end. Then we

hugged, th first hug. I could feel and literally hear your heartbeat. THEN...

Th skies are brightly lited by the twenty odd stars that we've counted,

surprise us with an unexpected fireworks from across the border. That was

then, I knew.. It all really began. My own fairytale story.

It took you, awhile more to propose. Nevertheless, I waited. Not because

I was obliged to, but because I had come to love you. I Love You. That day,

i brought you on a surprise date to th botanic garden. Th place you've always,

wanted to go your whole life. You know, I made efforts to do a little research on that.

That night, I'd never see that coming from you. You proposed, at the time I'd never

thought you would. "I DO". Less than a month after we got together, I moved out.

It was tough on you. Our beautiful start of a relationship became strained. No more

exotic dates, more complaints, more stress, more of everything and less of

what is needed. You were torn in between the two. To go home as it is your home,

or to stay with me but make short trips home. Because, I needed you more.

Because, I was alone and I was selfish.

Hours turns to days, days turns to nights, nights become weeks, and soon it was

months. Talks becomes arguments, smile and then tears. I'd seldom put myself

in your shoe, to think of how exhausted you'll be at the end of the day,

having to travel from camp to home, from home to my workplace then back

to our lodge. Financial was tight for us, but we managed to pull it thru. We were

as good as married then, everyone knows that. It seems like a long way, but we're

barely a year together.

After all that we've been thru hunn, i just wanna say THANK YOU, officially.

Thank you hunk, really. For being by my side, for staying by me, for not neglecting

me, for everything that you've done. I love you, more than ever. Even without

all the dates, I'd still love you very deeply. I believe I'll come to love you even more.

Yours Truly; AI NA

en arrière au carré un

(back to square one)

like the title, showed.
this marks a new beginning for me, therefore
i've deleted my previous posts.
everything changed now.
& i've got to accept the god damned fact.
my relationship was on a brink a week ago,
and we've had to start over again.
i was almost jobless for over a month,
and i'm starting work soon.
one good news, my forever interest in making business
is coming true. i am re-opening my blogshop soon(:
pretty real soon...
i'm coping, like really trying hard to cope.
caus everything, they just fall on me like that.
now i know, why adults looks old.
because they're too stress having to make
so many decisions in a day :(
i don't want to be like them!
few reasons why i should be happy, right now..
(but i'm not really amazed)

  1. it's the 153rd day(L)
  2. i'm starting work with a better pay, in 2 days time..
  3. my blogshop should be ready by the end of next week
  4. i'm collecting my past pay-cheque tomorrow!
  5. i'm meeting mummy for dinner tomorrow(:
  6. i'm gonna start saving real hard.. hmmmpfts!

damn! i wanna be a rock star =.- (i know, random!)

goodbye earthlings!(till i sort out my thinkings)

Yours Truly; AI NA

Miss ME .
the heiress of _______


a known workaholic to all
a gf/fiancee/bestfriend/wifey
to RASH darling
a sister to TWO
a mother of ONE

Dearest You & me.


you're the greatest thing that
had ever happened to me and
I thank God for everything.
It's us against the world,
just US, hunny.


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