even if you miss, you'll land among the stars

your love is blind - ramzi ft. ash king
Thursday, April 8, 2010

life will never be a bed of roses

haven't i tried enough, haven't i gave enough?
or was it that i'd love too much, too much that you'd
learn to take me and my love for granted?
this time, if i want anything from you..
i need to ask. even if i want you to fetch me,
i'll also have to ask.
and you'd dare say our honeymoon period's not over?
it wasn't like that in the past.
i don't have to ask, you said that.
when we were living together, no matter how tough it was,
we were happy, aren't we?
now, after all this. i dare not look forward or set high hopes
on the plans we have. including simple fetch-me-from-work
plan.. i dare not. i wont be looking forward to anything that involve you.
if there's one thing that i'll expect from you is your countless of "sorry".
before you start saying yours, i wanna say mine.
im sorry, im not that girl who'll apologise to you no matter
how late you are. im sorry, my patience very limited..
i dont need a man who's changed 270degree even before we marry.
i dont deny, i change..
i became colder..
becaus you made me so.
because you dont wanna listen to me.
i took up this job becaus of you.
i would have given you my last ten bucks, when you asked.
everytime we quarrel or when im unhappy, i'll walk away.
not to hurt you, becaus if i were to stay, i'll hurt you more.
if i were to explode now and pour out all my emotions and feelings,
i dont think you can take it.
i hush, i tolerate.
im not like you, to throw everything you see when you're mad.
i'd try so hard not to take it out on you.
everytime no matter how tired my day was,
i'd smile when i see you.
just that one smile is enough to kill me inside.
i'd never prioritise my sleep when in comes to you.
but boy, happy happy joy joy..
you always sleep throughout my most critical period.
i'm trying so hard to be less dependant on you.
caus i know, i wanna show you that i can do without you, someday.
i wanna show you that just a smile cannot let you get away
with anything. i wanna see, how you're going to find another
girlfriend like me.. im not perfect, yes.
but i went out and down all for you.
i wanna see which girl will do that for you.
i'd always thank god, i had you.
i'd never regret.
i only know i love you, and i'd forgive you more than enough
times for the same mistake that you've made.
tell me if i haven't love you enough..

Yours Truly; AI NA

Miss ME .
the heiress of _______


a known workaholic to all
a gf/fiancee/bestfriend/wifey
to RASH darling
a sister to TWO
a mother of ONE

Dearest You & me.


you're the greatest thing that
had ever happened to me and
I thank God for everything.
It's us against the world,
just US, hunny.


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